How to Get That Firm, Supple Skin You’ve Always Wanted

Firmer skin is something everyone is looking for. As the winter months approach us it is time to start preparing for summer with enough time to actually do so! Whether you are a busy mom, struggling student, or the typical women juggling life’s challenges here is how you can get that firm skin you want!  This article is going to break down the simple methods of achieving that perfect firm, tight, supple skin you’ve always wanted without the price tag or any life-altering transformations just following a few simple tips, tricks, and beauty products to help you get there.  

Your Diet. 

Let’s start with the obvious your diet. We all know that diets fluctuate and with the coming holiday season, your typical food consumption is definitely going to be thrown for a loop. Throw in quarantine, work from home culture, and the inability to go to the gym – it is ALL adding up! Eating the right foods, especially with your new sedimentary lifestyle, can help provide the needed vitamins your skin wants without the worry of calories. 

Fruits, veggies, and fatty fish contain the vitamins your skin is looking for. They include a wide variety of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc, to name a few, that help your skin keep up its appearance. Studies have shown that by increasing your intake of these delicious, low-calorie, family-friendly foods you are actually contributing to the suppleness and tightness of your skin. 

Snacking foods such as those with high sugar content or those filled with preservatives – affect the skin in a negative manner. These changes don’t appear overnight so it may seem difficult to see the correlation but it has been proven that these foods with high levels of sugars severely limit the skin’s ability to repair itself. What does this mean? Think premature aging of the skin, which is one of the culprits making your skin look saggy and giving you that unhealthy – the morning after a night of drinking –  look.  

Limit Sun Exposure

With COVID-19 locking us indoors, it is easier than ever to avoid the sun and limit your UV exposure. UV rays break down the collagen in your skin while affecting its elastin stores by breaking them down – especially over prolonged sun exposure. It is suggested to wear sunscreen on a daily basis but the majority of us only apply it on vacation or at the beach. Look for a toner or foundation that contains SPF so that sunscreen becomes part of your daily routine, wear a cute hat, your favorite new sunglasses or do all of the above and save yourself a lot of money on cosmetic treatments in the future. 


Yes we are talking about the right moisturizers used daily and we will get to that but let’s begin with water consumption. It is suggested to drink 6-8 cups of water a day and the first place you are going to see the results of your efforts, you guessed it, your skin! Want that glow that pregnant women have? Drink water! Not only does water help your skin by replenishing its moisture content but it also helps to rid your systems of toxins, combat those teas and coffees that dehydrated us and help you to avoid headaches. Drinking water provides the skin with what it needs to regenerate skin cells and keep you looking younger, firmer, and fresher! 

Moisturizers are essential as a more direct approach by localizing the application of ingredients that help your skin to replenish and retain moisture. Increasing the skin’s hydration means providing your skin with the tools it requires to combat the formation of scars, assist the skin in stretching and retracting as well as combatting cellulite, saggy skin, and more. Maelys Cosmetics B-Flat firming belly cream is getting lots of attention in the skincare industry for its ability to help to tighten skin, combat the appearance of markings and promote cellulite reduction so this may be a product to look into. The benefits definitely outweigh the 2 seconds it takes to apply a cream in the morning and night, so what are you waiting for.  

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As you snooze and your mind is off, much is going on throughout your body and especially your skin. Nighttime is when your skin is doing most of its repairs and this is due to the fact that your blood flow increases during these times. Repairs refer to restoring your collagen and as we’ve learned that is the most important factor in reducing that saggy, wrinkly skin you want to avoid. By giving your body the sleep it needs you are able to repair existing sunspots, damage from UV exposure, help with age spots, cellulite, and firm your skin to get that body you deserve. The best part, sleep is the easiest thing to do! So rearrange your schedule, start a sleep routine and see the numerous benefits instantly!   

The Reality

Many women are looking for a quick and easy way to get the firm skin they’ve always wanted but are unable to commit to an intense regimen. It may seem easier to undergo an expensive medical procedure with high costs and even higher recovery times but that is not the ideal situation. Exfoliation treatments or microdermabrasion can help with your skin but again come they come with a price and require multiple sessions. We at RewindGuide understand the struggle so start by incorporating these simples tips and methods to help you get the firmer skin you want –  in a method that is easy to manage.