Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks – All You Need to Know

Cocoa butter is widely used for preventing and treating stretch marks. The butter contains fatty acids that not only make your skin look fresh and supple but it lightens and ultimately removes the stretch marks.

Is Cocoa Butter Good for Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are indented streaks on different body parts like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or even biceps. They are common in pregnancy when the body grows, and skin has to stretch beyond its capacity. 

But these marks are not only caused by pregnancy. They can form in both men and women when the body grows or shrink quickly due to sudden weight gain or loss. 

Collagen is the protein that binds the skin together and gives it its elasticity. If your skin does not has enough collagen, it can tear when the skin is stretched.  These marks can be red, pink, purple, or white, depending on how old or new they are. 

Besides several other cocoa butter benefits to the skin, it is also a known ingredient in stretch marks creams and lotions to prevent, fade, and remove stretch marks. 

Cocoa butter can play a significant role in preventing stretch marks as well as healing them.

It’s highly hydrating vegetable fat. The fatty acids in it keep the skin smooth and soft. Not only cocoa butter fade and eventually remove the stretch marks, but the butter seeps into the skin, healing its middle layer where stretch marks are formed.

What is Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa butter is pure fat derived from cocoa beans. These are the same seeds that make cocoa powder and chocolate. Cocoa beans are grounded after roasting. Its paste is pressed to remove fat from it. The fat is called cocoa butter, and it has a mild smell and tastes like chocolate. 

It is widely used in beauty products for skin hydration, removing stretch marks, and healing sensitive skin.

How Does Cocoa Butter Help with Stretch Marks?

Cocoa butter is a highly antioxidant powerhouse. It fights free radicals damage to the skin and removes discoloration, uneven tone, aging, and dull skin.

Regular use of cocoa butter during pregnancy or during a weight loss program can keep the stretch marks at bay. Anti-stretch marks creams like Palmers use cocoa butter as their main ingredient due to its antioxidant properties.

The fatty acids in cocoa butter provide skin moisture that it needs to stay healthy. It contains cocoa mass polyphenol that protects your skin from premature damage and aging.

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Does Cocoa Butter Prevent Stretch Marks?

Cocoa butter prevents forming stretch marks in the first place. Its regular use on the skin keeps the skin healthy, supple, and soft. 

Stretch marks are formed when skin is stretched beyond its capacity. The inner layer of the skin dermis is torn due to a lack of collagen and elastin. 

Cocoa butter keeps the skin soft. Dry skin tears easily as compared to soft and flexible skin. 

Using cocoa butter cream or lotion in pregnancy or on a weight loss journey improves the skin’s elasticity. It prevents stretch marks. You can use cocoa butter in your daily skincare routine to prevent stretch marks, dryness, and discoloration.

How to Use Cocoa Butter on Stretch Marks?

Cocoa butter can be used not only for healing stretch marks, but it should also be used to prevent them. You can use a stretch mark cream containing cocoa butter as its main ingredient, or even raw cocoa butter is also used for this purpose.

The butter can melt with body temperature and absorbs into the skin gently. It seeps into the skin, reaching its middle layer. 

Whether you are using a skincare cream with cocoa butter or using pure butter, the application method remains the same. You can put a small amount of butter on your palm and apply it gently to the affected skin. The butter melts with body temperature and is easily absorbed into the skin.

Rub your fingers in a circular motion to increase the blood flow and continue it for 30 to 60 seconds. 

Use a generous amount of butter on your belly, thighs, hips, buttock, or biceps, or where you have stretch marks. 

Does Cocoa Butter work on Older Stretch marks?

Old stretch marks are the most difficult to go. Stretch marks that appear purple and pink at the beginning may turn into silver and white with time. The color determines how old they are.

Red stretch marks have blood vessels under the skin that are more responsive to the treatment. White marks or Striae alba have tiny blood vessels making it difficult for collagen reproduction.

Treating these types of stretch marks with pure cocoa butter may take some time. To treat these, you need cocoa butter lotion for stretch marks. 

What is the Best Cocoa Butter for Stretch marks?

Cocoa butter is the main ingredient in almost any stretch mark healing product. There are two kinds of products:

  • Cocoa Butter lotion for stretch marks
  • Cocoa Butter stretch mark cream

Besides these, several oils are also effectively used for removing and preventing stretch marks. You can choose oil, cream, or lotion depending on your preference and skin type. Here is our detailed discussion on the difference between stretch marks creams, oils, and lotion.

Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks: Which One is Better?

Shea butter is a skin moisturizer like cocoa butter. Both are used to prevent and heal stretch marks. Maley’s B Flat cream, which is Rewind Guide’s top stretch mark removing cream, uses Shea butter as one of its main ingredients. 

Both cocoa butter and Shea butter have fatty acids that give smooth and soft skin. Shea butter contains vitamins A, and E, and K that gives healthy and clear skin.

Shea butter has all vitamins that the skin needs, and it does not clog your pores that sometimes cocoa butter can. It also boosts skin collagen production and reduces collagen loss essential in healing or preventing stretch marks.

So both kinds of butter are highly effective in fading stretch marks. Both moisturize your skin and are extensively used in skincare products.

Besides cocoa butter and Shea butter, coconut oil is also an excellent agent to heal and prevent stretch marks. Here is our detailed discussion on coconut oil for stretch marks

How Long Does Cocoa Butter Take to Remove Stretch Marks?

Like any stretch mark removing cream or lotion, cocoa butter is not a magic potion. It will take some time to fade and eventually remove stretch marks from your skin. 

You can include a good cocoa butter lotion or cream into your daily skincare routine. Apply it twice a day or daily, depending on how soon you want results. Within two to three weeks of consistent use, stretch marks will start to fade away. It may take up to a month or so before you start noticing some visible changes in your skin appearance.

Cocoa Butter: The Ultimate Solution for Stretch Marks

Cocoa butter is the ultimate choice for stretch mark-free skin. It contains antioxidants that save skin from damaging free radicals. Not only is it extensively used to remove and prevent stretch marks, but its anti-aging properties keep your skin tight and fresh.

The fact that cocoa butter absorbs into the skin readily makes it very easy to use. It contains CMP(cocoa mass polyphenol) that protects your skin from premature aging and damage. Its regular use makes your skin appear healthy, supple, and soft.

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