Handy Ingredients to Tighten Skin Naturally

There comes a time when the skin begins to show aging signs. It would be when you start seeing visible changes such as wrinkling or lack of youthful sheen. One distinct change you might also notice is elasticated skin. 

A taut skin could be a result of the skin cells’ weakness over the years. You could have loose skin from habits and other factors as well. Pregnancy, long-term smoking, mild-to-severe dehydration are amongst the external causes for flabby skin.

However, is there a permanent way to reverse sagging skin? As with all organic materials, it is impossible to stop the skin from getting loose once the process begins. 

Luckily, you could slow the process or delay it using some methods and treatments. The article highlights some of the most effective skin tightening tips, as well as how to use tightening products correctly.

How to Tighten the Skin Naturally

A skin tightening process can be suitable if you have skin with more flabby areas than you’d like. Typically, you’re likely to see taut skin patches as you grow older, but it could also happen due to poor nutrition or pregnancy. Since loose skin is a part of an irreversible aging process, it is irreversible itself.

Furthermore, elastic skin doesn’t look all that great, primarily in vantage areas such as the elbows, underarms, and face. Therefore, you may want to tighten skin naturally in those areas. Tightening methods would also slow down the loosening rate for better aesthetics over time.

The recommendation is to use natural means to achieve a better tightening effect. Synthetic products (or surgery) go at skin tightening much quicker, causing a sharper skin reaction. 

The skin might break in places or develop permanent lesions. Natural tightening solutions take effect over a more extended period, giving the skin time to slow its elasticity gently.

You’d mostly apply natural skin tightening solutions directly onto the skin. It could be through a massage or light, nightly rubs. You would also need to develop a routine: it could be over a week or month for the best result.

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What’s the Best Natural Skin Tighteners To Buy?

The best part of picking out natural skin tighteners is that they are inexpensive. You can get them from food items and other natural supplements. However, the variety also presents indecision as to which works best for you. Some of the best natural skin tighteners you can currently get on the market include:

  • Aloe Vera Gel: You can call Aloe Vera the “super-plant” for dermatological reasons. It holds some essential nutrients which restore damaged skin cells and improves their tensile strength. More specifically, Aloe Vera gel contains malic acid, which works to fix loosening skin. 

You can readily extract the gel from the plant and apply it to the affected body parts. Let it rest for some time – about 20 minutes – before rinsing off with tepid water. Furthermore, you could include mayonnaise or honey for variety and rinse with cold water after application.

  • Olive Oil: If you want tighter and smoother skin, olive oil is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to go. While it doesn’t seem like it, olive oil contains vitamins A and E – two vitamins with profound “anti-aging” properties. An oil massage ensures that you get the nutrients directly under the skin for a much faster result.

All you’d need at a go is a few teaspoonfuls of olive oil. Kindly put them in a bowl, heat lightly then apply to the skin. Work out a massage for about ten minutes, then dab on the skin with a warm damp cloth – you could also wipe the skin instead. If you prefer variety, you could also mix in nutritious oil such as jojoba or almond oil.

  • Coconut Oil + Coffee: You could combine supplements to make a natural skin tightening mixture. Coconut oil with ground coffee is one of the more effective mixtures you could currently have, as it contains a potent blend of nutrients that would make the skin firmer inside and out. The caffeine from the coffee ensures the skin retains a healthy hue by cutting down the underlying fat.

Also, coffee powder is an excellent exfoliant and contains antioxidants. Applying it to the skin allows the powder to open up the skin and work in the antioxidants. The result is better skin with a slower aging rate. Coconut oil acts as a binder and a medium for better contact with the skin.

You only need a quarter cup of freshly ground coffee and one or two tablespoons of coconut oil. You could add cinnamon and brown sugar in limited quantities as well. Once mixed, use the mixture to scrub the face for a few minutes, then rinse off. Repeat once every week for a consistent result.

  • Honey + Egg White: Egg whites and honey are a distinct combination to improve and tighten skin naturally. They help to rebuild broken-down cells on the skin. They are one of the “heavier” treatments you could have in a skin regimen but would give a better-looking skin overall. The perfect quantity for the mixture would include egg white from an egg and two spoons of honey. 

Mix adequately and immediately apply to the skin. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes, then wash off with clean cold water. Repeat the process about three times every month for optimal results.

  • Rosemary + Cucumber:  Want a more profound solution to sagging skin? The answer lies in the veritable alliance between rosemary oil and cucumber. With a healthy blend of essential vitamins and antioxidants, rosemary oil and cucumber help with skin tones and go further to improve blood circulation as well. 

You could make the mix for yourself with half a large cucumber and a tablespoon of rosemary oil. Peel and grind the cucumber to a smooth consistency. Add in the rosemary oil and rub onto the face. Give 20 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. You should begin to see results once you apply the mixture weekly.

Wrapping Up

Loose skin is often a result of aging, although you could also notice it when you’re pregnant, severely dehydrated, or have a smoking habit. Fixing up flabby skin can be daunting just as much as addressing other aging issues. It is irreversible, so the focus has to be on slowing the process or delaying it.

Several skincare and beauty products promise to tighten skin naturally, but you may be undecided on which to pick. Natural skin tightening would be a viable alternative in such a case. You could always make your natural skin tightening mixture at home without spending much and achieving the needed results. 

The skin tightening recipes mentioned above are some of the most effective you can get at the moment. They’d fit into your existing skincare regimen and improve other body areas as well.

Luckily, some brands already incorporate natural ingredients in their products. So you get the benefit of natural supplements in a professionally mixed package. Furthermore, brands tend to test natural formulas for the best mixtures. 

For instance, Maelys is a skincare brand that primarily uses natural ingredients throughout its product line. Our Maelys cosmetics review would show no harmful substances (like SRS and Paraben) throughout production.

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