The 9 Stretch Marks Myths You Need to Know About

When it comes to stretch marks lots of research is available online but with that, a few myths have also started to increase in popularity. Understanding how stMany retch marks work is the first step in helping you to combat them so without further ado here are the myths you need to know about and the facts you want to remember. 

Myth: Stretch Marks Are Only One Color

It might be easier to think that everyone has the exact same markings but that is simply not the case. Everyone is unique in the way they heal and that applies to stretch marks as well. Striae, or stretch marks, can appear in a variety of colors with some being pink, purple, blue, brown, yellow, white or grey. One thing that is for sure is that stretch marks begin as a darker color and as you lose weight or they get older, they lighten to that more common whitish, grey color you see in most photos. 

Myth: Only Women Get Stretch Marks

Don’t worry we are not that lucky! Not only are women susceptible to getting stretch marks but teenagers and men are as well. Stretch marks can appear on anyone at any age due to a simple growth spurt, weight gain, or pregnancy. When the body grows quickly, up or sideways, the skin cannot keep up and this is when stretch marks appear. We stop creating elastin after puberty, elastin in the protein in your skin that gives your skin its elasticity. As the elastin storages deplete your skin’s ability to stretch goes with it which is why stretch marks can be found on any individual. 

Myth: Losing Weight Can Help Get Rid of Stretch Marks  

To help deter the formation of stretch marks it is recommended to not gain weight quickly so that the skin on your body can adapt. This becomes slightly more difficult for pregnant women as this is just something that cannot be controlled. There are ways to help mitigate the formation of markings like using a strong moisturizer but once stretch marks have appeared it becomes more difficult. 

Stretch Marks are scars on the skin, you can help them heal and use products to diminish their appearance but losing weight is not one of them. Losing weight helps to ensure that no more stretch marks form but regardless of if you lost that freshman 15 or not, you will still be able to see the stretch marks you had from before.

Myth: Tanning Hides the Appearance of Stretch Marks 

Some articles have been written claiming that darker skin can help hide the appearance of stretch marks but this is simply not the case. Stretch marks become a whitish, grey color as they age and these simply do not tan. Many women have claimed that by tanning or using a tanning lotion, the stretch marks actually become more apparent as the whitish scars are a contrast against darker skin. 

When tanning naturally, you are drying out your skin, exposing it to harmful UV rays, and ultimately making the perfect environment for more stretch marks to appear. Scars do not tan, so by tanning, you are making old scars more apparent and increasing your chances of getting more stretch marks in the future. 

Myth: Stretch Marks Heal on Their Own

Once stretch marks appear is it difficult to get them to go away as they are scars on the skin. Without the right products or skincare routine, this is simply not the case. Stretch marks are finicky and can arise for a variety of reasons and as we learned previously in a variety of shapes and colors. There are steps you can take to help with the appearance of stretch marks but doing nothing is definitely not one of them.  

Myth: You Can Prevent Stretch Marks In Their Entirety 

Sadly this is not true. Stretch marks are hereditary so chances are if one of your parents has them then you are likely to get them as well. Luckily there are many ways to help mitigate the formation of stretch marks as well as methods to help with their appearance but don’t beat yourself up if you still see a couple. If you do notice that your family members do have stretch marks you can take some steps to help avoid them such as using a moisturizer daily, avoiding sunlight, and watching that your weight doesn’t fluctuate too much. 

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Myth: Medicine Can’t Cause Stretch Marks 

When a doctor writes you a prescription it is more common to worry about side effects such as dry mouth or fatigue, stretch marks don’t usually come to mind. There are however certain medicines that have been proven to cause to stretch marks as they break down the connective tissues in the skin. People with gland disorders such as Cushing’s syndrome or Marfan’s syndrome are more likely to get stretch marks as they affect the skin’s ability to stretch and affect the amount of cortisone in your body. 

Same with medicines that contain cortisone, when applied topically they can also be a contributing factor to the appearance of stretch marks by making your skin more rigid. Another medicine to take into consideration when worrying about stretch marks is steroids as steroids also increase the amount of cortisone in your body. 

Myth: Only a Dermatologist Can Help Get Rid of Stretch Marks 

Luckily this a myth because many of us just don’t have the time or money to go for multiple visits to a dermatologist. Many creams and at-home methods are available to help you to diminish the appearance of those unwanted markings. Maely’s B-Flat for example was created to help get that flatter tummy you desire while helping to eliminate stretch marks, cellulite, and more. It works by increasing blood flow to your skin to help your body’s largest organ generate more collagen, the natural protein your body uses to heal. Using products that help with collagen production, offer antibacterial, or antiinflammatory properties can assist in your goal of diminishing stretch marks while helping to prevent the formation of them as well. 

The Truth 

Understanding the myths and facts around your stretch mark woes is the first step to actually help in fighting against them. Regardless, you are not alone and we here are RewindGuide want you to have the facts in your hands so you can make the right decisions for you. It is your body and we believe you should know what you are putting on it. Read our guide The 6 Ways to Fight The Formation of Stretch Marks and stop worrying about getting the wrong information again!