Tips for Healthy Skin During Summer

Summer is in full swing, and while the weather brings multiple bounties, it can become a little harsh for the skin. Scorching sun, humidity, and dryness can leave your skin either oily or dry.

As much as we all enjoy a sunny day on the beach, too much sun exposure is not safe for the skin. We all know it is important to absorb some vitamin D for our bones, but the harsh UV rays can damage the skin and take away its softness and moisture.

This article will discuss some summer skincare tips to help you with the basic daycare routine like how to avoid the heat and how to come out in the sun safely without damaging your skin. We have listed some skin health tips to enjoy the summer without damaging your skin.

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How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in Summer?

Summer means a lot of sun exposure, dryness, and sweaty skin. The pores are clogged easily from the dust and excessive oil on the skin. Sweating can cause dehydration that makes your skin even more dull and rough.

Due to these unfavorable conditions, skin in summer is prone to acne, pimples, dryness, heat rashes, and tanning.

Let’s look at some tips to keep your skin glowy and soft even in summers so that you can enjoy the outdoor activities as much as you like without having to bother about your skin issues.

How Sun Exposure can Damage Your Skin?

While summer is all about outdoor activities like playing on the beach and jumping in the pool, too much sun exposure can cause dull and rough skin, wrinkling, premature aging, and some serious health issues.

Ultraviolet rays of the sun can damage your skin and may even lead to skin cancer.

To avoid that, you can reduce sun exposure, especially between 10 am-2 pm. It’s the time when sun rays are the strongest, and their skin exposure is damaging.

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreens are your best friend in the summers, and you must not go out without covering your skin with a good sunblock.

UV rays are of two types; UVA and UVB. UVA rays are not harmful and give color to your skin; that’s how your skin gets tanned after you spend some time under the sun. It’s the UVB rays that can damage the surface of your skin and may cause sunburn.

The FDA recommends using a Broad Spectrum sunscreen that contains all ingredients to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. It’s important to look at the SPF of a sunblock that is a sun protection factor.

The minimum SPF15 is required to protect skin from UVB rays. SPF30 is the maximum you can get in sunscreens, and that protects almost 97% of sun rays.

Also, make sure to check the expiration date if you have one still in your drawer from last summer, as sunscreens expire after a while.

Sunscreen also wears off easily, so once you have applied, it does not mean it will be there all day to protect your skin. Make sure to reapply it after every 2-3 hours to resist all those nasty sun rays.

Change of Face Wash

Make sure to change your face wash as the weather changes. While a simple face wash would do in winters, choose a face wash that cleanses the skin from its pores and removes excess oil from it in summer. You can choose a non-foaming cleanser if you have dry skin. Use the face wash multiple times a day to remove the oil that heat brings on your face.

Drink Water

Yes, drinking plenty of water is not only essential for overall health, but it is also imperative in summer for the skin.

The skin comprises three layers; the outer layer(dermis), the underlying layer(epidermis), and subcutaneous tissues. If the outer layer does not have enough moisture, the skin will look dull and rough and lose its elasticity.

So stay hydrated by drinking as much water in summer as you can to get smooth and supple skin. Summer is full of bounties; besides drinking water, you can add too many healthy fruits to your diet that provide great nutrition and are a good water source.


Exfoliation is removing dead skin from your body. Our body sheds skin every minute. These dead cells may accumulate on your skin with time, making it look rough and dry. Exfoliation removes these dead cells and improves blood circulation, so skin looks healthy, clear, and supple.

You can use a ready-to-use scrub from the market or choose any homemade natural ingredients to scrub your skin. Gently rub the scrub on your skin right before shower and rinse clean.


Even when there is too much humidity in the air, and you may feel like your skin is getting oily in summer, moisturizing your skin is important. A good moisturizer not only hydrates your skin but provides it with a good amount of nutrients to make it look healthy and fresh.

You can give a break to your thick body butter and choose something lighter that is absorbed readily. Using a good moisturizer after exfoliation is essential as it can leave your skin all dry. Make sure to hydrate the whole body, leaving no parts. Even skin on the butt and booty needs care and pampering. Here is how to specifically take care of your butt and booty skin.

Less Make-Up for Summer Days

Too much make and summer heat do not go well. Allow your skin to breathe. Wear minimum make-up like foundation and face powder, and choose lighter shades when you have to. Most importantly, always wear lip balm with a SPA of 15.

As with any other weather, make sure to remove your make-up daily before you go to bed and cleanse your skin properly. The make-up layer can clog your pores and damage your skin.

Invest in an Antioxidant Serum

Serums are perfect for summers. They are light and readily absorbed into your skin. Choose a serum with antioxidants. Not only will it hydrate your skin, but it protects it from environmental damage as well.

Remember to include antioxidants in your diet as well. Stock up your pantry with fresh fruits, nuts, and leafy greens that abound in antioxidants and other essential vitamins that keep your skin healthy and glowy.

Get a Summer Glow Safely

Who does not want a tanned look as you have just come from a beach holiday in summer? You don’t have to lie in the sun for long hours to get that glow. Choose a tanning cream with all the precautions and get that summer look without staying out in the sun. Use tanning lotion alternatively with your moisturizer to prevent getting too dark a tone.

Final Words

While enjoying summer activities, don’t forget to take maximum care of your skin. Summer is perfect for outdoor activities, and that means you have to be extra careful to protect your skin from environmental damage like sun rays, dust, and pollution.

You can keep using skin care products like stretch mark creams to prevent and heal stretch marks as well. Here is a detailed review of Maelys B-tight that works well in and reinforces skinelasticity.

A daily routine of cleansing and moisturizing along with a good scrubbing once a week keeps your skin fresh and supple. Don’t forget to include a healthy diet and plenty of water to make your skin glow from the inside out. These tips for healthy skin can help you enjoy summer with confidence.

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