10 Best Ways to Get a Firmer & Sexier Butt

Having a firm and well-toned butt and booty is a dream for many of us. A firm butt not only enhance your sex appeal but it helps you have a better posture and protects your joints.

Your backseat comprises several muscles that are known for their strength. If you don’t have the size of butt you admire, it’s probably time to check how you can enhance your butt and make it look more glamorous. 

How to Get a Firm Butt?

Your butt is just a muscle like any other muscle in your body. You can do pretty much to make it look big, smooth, and perky. 

What you can do is follow a strict workout routine, a healthy diet, and a better lifestyle to make your butt look firm and big. Butt firming creams and lotions can help you give a smooth and silky skin of your bum.

Healthy Diet 

Diet plays an important part in getting a firm butt. When you eat more calories than your need, the body stores it as fat for future use. Your butt is the place where all this extra fat is most likely to store.  

With a proper diet, it is also important to avoid fast food, salt, sugar, energy drinks that can merely fill your stomach and do not give you the energy you need for muscle building. Optimize your diet with food groups like healthy carbs, protein, fat, and fiber that can help you get a firm butt and booty.

Ensure the dietary fat included in your diet comprises dietary unsaturated fat with omega-3 fatty acids. Protein is essential for building muscles. Carbs give you energy, but you need complex carbs like whole grains to sustain energy and nutrition.

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The best way to firm your butt is through exercise. Exercise, in general, can help maintain an ideal weight. For having a proportionate body and muscle toning, a workout routine is essential.

Incorporate a consistent routine of different exercises that can be effective for a bigger and firmer butt. 


A sedentary lifestyle can make your butt flat and flabby. If you spend hours sitting on a chair, the chances are that your butt settles there, and blood flow is restricted to your back muscles. Lack of blood flow and other nutrients can make your butt look flat and disproportionate. You can also accumulate fat in those areas.

What you can do is adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Ditch the Chair

If your work involves sitting long hours on a chair, it’s time to move on towards a standing desk. You can invest in an adjustable height desk as well so that you can switch between sitting and standing positions while working. 

A standing desk helps you to stay active and healthy and engage your glute.  Not only will it help you get a firmer and perkier butt, but it will also keep your posture right and help you get rid of several back issues.

Tend the Cellulite

Cellulite is the flabby-looking skin that has a dimple appearance. Especially as you start aging or during pregnancy, taking care of your skin is essential. Cellulite on your butt and booty can make your skin look lumpy.  It is when the fat is pushed against connective tissue in the skin. You can use cellulite busting cream or lotion to get an even and well-toned butt and booty. Also, read how to take care of your skin after pregnancy.

Topical creams may not obliterate the cellulite problem, but they can contribute a lot to get smooth and silky skin on your butt. 

Skincare Routine

A perfect bum requires perfect butt skin that is firm and tight, and you are not afraid to flaunt. Like any other part of your body, butt-skin needs all the pampering it can get. 

Butt firming creams in the market are specifically formulated for the skin on your bum. Choose a cream that regularly moisturizes your butt skin and removes acne and scars. Get your butt and booty exfoliated from time to time to remove all the dead cells and improve blood circulation. Here is a detailed discussion on how to get firm, supple skin.

What Are Some Exercises to Get a Firm Butt?

Here are some specifically effective exercises to tone your butt muscles and have a firm butt and booty.


Squats are the most common exercises that you can do to get a firm butt. All types of squats like side-to-side squats, ball squats, or carb squats are helpful to tone your butt. The good thing is that you don’t need any equipment.

A simple way is to stand with your feet separated and squat down at 90 degrees. A key to knowing if you are doing it right is to check if you are pressing down your heels, firmly planting your feet on the ground. Start with doing 15 reps, and you can keep increasing as your muscles build and gain more strength.

You can do squats while holding some dumbbells or barbells for added resistance.

Leg Raises

These are also simple exercises that require little to no equipment. Lay down on your back and lift your legs straight. Maintain your torso in its position and contract your abs throughout the lifting. You should feel the contraction in your butt and booty.


Bridges also target your butt and tone your buttock muscles fast. It strengthens your hips, glute, lower back, and hamstrings. Glute bridge is excellent for those who have to spend hours in a sitting position.

Lay on your back with your arms on your side and palms placed on the ground

Bend your knees and pull your belly in to engage your core.

Lift your lower back slowly and make a straight body from your knees to shoulder. Hold it for a couple of seconds and lower yourself to ground

You can do it 20 times or start with less and go up counting more as your stamina builds.


Walking lungs is excellent for toning your glute muscles. You can add weight for improving balance. 

You can stand straight with your feet together and take a step forward.

Slowly bend your knees until both your legs are nearly at the right angle. Make sure your right knee should not extend over your toes, and your left knee should not touch the ground. 

Stay in the position for some time and push yourself back in a standing position. Repeat it 8-10 times while switching legs. Make sure you have your back straight and keep your abdomen contracted.

Does Booty Firm Creams work?

If you think a cream can make your butt and booty look firmer and bigger, then, unfortunately, it is not possible. But does that make booty firming creams useless? A big ‘no.’

Booty and butt firming lotions can improve the overall skin condition. They can lift and firm your skin, reducing cellulite. You can make your skin look tight, perky, and soft with the help of these creams and lotions.

Creams like Maelys B Tight Butt Firming Cream can help you get rid of uneven tone, discoloration, stretch marks, and acne that are a big hurdle in giving you a perfect summer look. 

Cocoa Butter Firming Lotion: Does it Work?

Emollients like cocoa butter and Shea butter can do a lot to improve the overall health of your skin. Like cocoa, butter is packed with antioxidants and helps protect your skin from the damage of free radicals. It not only softens your skin but makes it look tight and firm due to its rich ingredients. It absorbs well into the making cakes more useful for removing stretch marks, scars, acne, and uneven tone.

Perfect Bum is Real: It Requires Some Efforts

Having a bigger and brighter butt is not a dream anymore. You can do a lot to get in perfect shape. A simple routine of firm booty workouts can get you a firm, tighter and bigger butt. Some muscle-building food and a butt-friendly skincare routine aren’t too much to get a perfect nice bum. Don’t forget to Enhance your curves with a smart choice of dress. We hope this article explains everything your need to know about getting a firmer and perky butt.

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